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What are biometrics?

Biometrics is the technology of measuring and analysing biological data. In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, voice or facial patterns and hand measurements. Through these unique qualities, biometrics can be used as a form of personal authentication.

Fingerprint Recognition

Perhaps the most popular form of biometric technology is fingerprint scanning. Capturing multiple reference points of the fingerprint through the biometric scanner, an algorithm is then used to convert this image into a code which effectively becomes a digital form of you. This is stored on a database for comparison which grants authentication into the secured area.

Why ievo fingerprint recognition?

Uniquely, the ievo biometric sensor scans multiple images of the fingerprint - from the top layer and beneath (sub-dermal) layer of the skin, using a powerful technology called multi-spectral imaging. This produces a high quality fingerprint image which after being converted into a digital code by the algorithm, allows the fingerprint to be scanned even with types of residue present on the skin. ievo biometric fingerprint readers are therefore the most reliable on the market and have become known for their quality and unrivalled technology.

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ievo ultimate

ievo ultimate is the perfect 'all round' fingerprint scanner which is suitable for both internal and external environments, depending on how you wish to use it.

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Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

IP 65 Rated

The ultimate fingerprint reader is IP (Ingress Protection) rated to industry standard 65. This means that the ultimate is water and dust tight, therefore it can be installed internally or externally without compromising its efficiency or reliability. The IP rated case enables ievo ultimate to be used in the harshest of environments, including extreme rain, wind, snow and direct sunlight.

Vandal Resistant

Most other existing biometric access control reader’s only need a standard screw driver to remove them, causing not only security concerns but problems regarding data protection as most other readers store data on the reader itself. This is not how a security product should work. The ultimate contains no controllers or relays within the product, instead they are installed up to 5 metres away on the secured side of the door, preventing unwanted access by unknown personnel. The ultimate is also manufactured in polycarbonate ABS with a reinforced, toughened glass sensor giving it that extra robustness.

Dirt, Oil, Grease…

The ievo ultimate sensor enables a fingerprint image to be obtained even through levels of dust, dirt, oils, creams or cosmetics present on the skin and also through some types of latex gloves. Problem fingerprints that have been previously rejected by other biometric readers will be successfully scanned.

Spoof and Live-ness Detection

Recently certified for Government use in the UK by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) the ievo ultimate cannot be duped by fake fingerprints. This is due to the live-ness detection feature which checks for the presence or absence of live blood flow in the finger when presented to the fingerprint sensor. Therefore, the ultimate is perfect for high security projects such as cash offices, server rooms or National banks.

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ievo micro

ievo micro is an internal only optical fingerprint scanner which boast many added benefits compared to similar optical biometric products on the market

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Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

Enhanced scanning performance

ievo micro’s optical fingerprint reader delivers highly enhanced features for a solely internal reader, including working with low levels of cream or powder on the skin as well as with some types of latex gloves. Compared to standard optical scanning fingerprint readers, the ievo micro is more reliable offering a cost effective biometric product. 

Mullion or surface mountable

Aside from the conventional surface mount option, micro can be mullion mounted which allows the reader to be installed between the casements or panes of a window, door frame or any other awkward place within your chosen installation area. This means micro will not look obtrusive, maintaining the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Aesthetic internal design

The ievo team designed the micro reader with the end user in mind. The ergonomics of any biometric reader is paramount. With simple visual and audio automated alerts to inform the user if access has been granted or denied, it is DDA compliant and is incredibly easy to use.

Reader holds no data

Most competitor biometric access control products have built in controller/relays, meaning if the reader is removed from the installation space then access to the door will be granted. This is not how a security product should work. Therefore, the micro reader contains no controllers or relays instead they are installed up to 5 metres away on the secured side of the door.

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ievo USB Desktop Reader 

The ievo USB desktop registration unit is a fast, efficient and simple way of introducing biometrics into the installation environment. The USB enrolment device is Windows PC based and can be used on multiple computers as long as the specific fingerprint registration software is installed.

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Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

Speeds up registration

By using the desktop sensor for registration purposes instead of the actual ievo readers, enrolment becomes a quick and simple process, especially with a high volume of users present on site. You will be able to simultaneously register and train users on how to use the product.

Efficient Training

Using the USB enrolment reader will speed up training on how to use the ievo products, especially if you are new to biometrics. Training becomes a much simpler process alongside the ievo end user guides which you will receive with any order of the ultimate and micro readers.

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Press Release: Over 85% of the top UK Construction Companies use ievo Ltd biometric solutions.

Press Release: Over 85% of the top UK Construction Companies use ievo Ltd biometric solutions.

Over 85% of the top UK Construction Companies use ievo Ltd biometric solutions.

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Why ievo?

Superior, Reliable Access

For internal or external biometric security solutions, look no further than the range of superior and reliable products ievo has to offer.

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Most Effective

Most Effective

Through using the most reliable multi-spectral imaging fingerprint scanner, both of the ievo products ultimate and micro have the capacity to provide you with an effective security system. Each of the products specifications differ depending on internal and external use, but each boast similar security features which are completely unrivalled.

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Ultimate/Micro/USB Reader

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Customise your ievo

Create your very own biometric access control system through the ievo custom kit - the first and only of its kind! You have the power to build modules onto the ievo control board giving you exactly what you need for a project or client. You can add on increased template capacity, template on card or Power over Ethernet to name but a few. These additions can be used alongside both of the ultimate or micro fingerprint readers.

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